Egle Berruti: beauty in anticipation

I was drawn to these images because of Egle‘s eye for dramatic light.  There is a slight air of mysteriousness to the images in this session, fitting because of the mystery and miracle of pregnancy.

From Egle:

The client booked me for a maternity photosession. It was very exciting as I was expecting myself and naturally, my feelings, emotions and preoccupations about pregnancy shine through the images. We spoke a lot about how we were feeling, what is ahead for us. It’s all mixed feelings. Happiness about the new baby and worrying about being able to cope as a mother. Dreaming what they will be like and feeling anxiety about the birth experience. The photoshoot took place first in Samantha’s home, where her cat that time was still the boss. Samantha loves the nature and later on we went for a walk to her favorite place, Lago Origlio. We connected in our story. Our babies were born just 9 days apart. I am full of joy and happiness that my baby girl has brought me. Looking back most of my preoccupations were unnecessary and now watching the pictures I keep wondering how this photoshoot would have gone had Samantha contacted me now rather than a couple of month ago…

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