The beautiful connection between mother and child

From Cadence Feeley:

In Hawaii, photographing in the home is not as common. I photograph many visitors to Maui, and many of the locals would rather be outside on the vibrant earth than in the house.

This can be challenging at times, when – dare I even say it – the beach can get old. I work with people to find a place for their session that pulls on their heartstrings, that makes them feel connected and alive. I want the children to look back at the photos and remember the place in the photos, to feel it.┬áBaby Beach is located on the north shore of Maui, just outside of Paia town. Tara splashed around the same water as a child and this is a place she is grateful to raise baby Gaia.

We decided on morning, and Tara collected heaps of fruit and flowers for haku-leis from her family’s property. They made homemade hakus to wear on their heads during the session, a beautiful symbol of celebration and love in the Hawaiian culture. As the sun came up, I focused on connection, love and nature… using the pretty light to accentuate these themes that are so important in every family session.

Life can be hard and chaotic, especially in these changing times, but there is nothing more beautiful then a connection between a mother and her child. The simple moments that bring us peace and balance.

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backlit picture of mom holding child in the water by Cadence Feeley

black and white portrait of child by Cadence Feeley

photo of kid toes on a blanket by Cadence Feeley

photo of mom and daughter on the Hawaii beach by Cadence Feeley

photo of woman and baby laying on the Hawaii beach by Cadence Feeley

pic of mom having a picnic with child by Maui photographer Cadence Feeley

pic of mom walking with toddler by Cadence Feeley

picture of mom holding and kissing daughter by Maui photog Cadence Feeley

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