Sheridan Nilsson: beaching it

After yesterday’s technique post on lens flare, I thought that featuring Sheridan Nilsson‘s lovely beach shoot complete with lots of lens flare was perfect.  You know I’m a goner for any sort of beach, sun, and surf photography.  Her photos speak for herself, but we pinned her down with some questions on how she does what she does as well.
Do you shoot film or digital?
Which camera/lens are your favorites and why?

Canon 5DII probably my 24 -70mm down the beach and my 50mm for portrait work.

Do you use only natural light or flash or reflectors?

I love working with natural light and if I am not chasing a child around on the beach I will use a reflector for portraits.

Any tips for shooting children?

I think the best thing you can do when working with children is to get down on there level and talk to them. A constant stream of conversation about the their lives keeps them distracted and from being too self conscious.

Favorite time of day to shoot and why?Early morning or late afternoon for the light.Favorite place to shoot and why?
“Photographing children is never easy (more so little boys), you can’t ask them to stand still and the minute you ask them to smile at the camera its all over.  But what they have in spades is lots of energy and exuberance, that is what I try to capture with my dawn photo sessions down the beach.
My early morning beach shoots are not about pretty portraits but about capturing the energy and the essence of what it means to be a small child. I love the strong backlight of the beach at dawn and the way the rising sun makes the surf luminous, rich blues, crunchy black silhouettes and the golden glow of the sun on the sand. I love the texture and scale of the ocean as a backdrop to a small child. I hope that in years to come the images will evoke memories of the surge of the sea, sand between your toes and the excitement and joy one feels being free without a care in the world chasing waves.

The beach for sure. I live in Sydney, Australia very close to the city but also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From my home its only 15minutes to Bondi & Bronte beaches. I love the wide open skies and the light at the beach.
Where do you look for creative inspiration?
There are so many amazing photographers and blogs out there but my favourite for sure when it comes to shooting children would be Barb Uli at Jinky Art. She really is a stand out with her whimsical shoots and the way she works with light she just has that magic that is indescribable. Another photographer who’s work I love is a woman by the name of Sarah Lee in Hawaii her underwater and surf photography is amazing.

What personal work do you shoot?  Any ongoing projects?

I am working on a series based on sun bakers I am hoping in the next year to have an exhibition/

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