Autumn Simplicity from Lexia Frank & The Winners of Yan’s Giveaway!

As we face the lingering dark months of winter, it’s wonderful to look back at the gorgeous fall season with this rad family session from Lexia Frank! I can’t stop giggling at the shots of baby Jonas playing at the window, and love the fun colors of the family home!

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from Lexia:

I love this simple little sweet session I did for fellow photographer Craig John in Wisconsin!  it was all 100% lifestyle and 100% film. we started out our day at their house in the early morning with baby Jonas doing his daily routine getting breakfast in the kitchen. After hanging out for a bit at home we went to the cutest little pumpkin patch for a corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin picking and the worlds (literally) best apple cider.  We ended our day with a little walk through the woods to see the fall colors and then Jonas went down for his afternoon nap.  🙂


In other BIG news, Yan received SO many awesome entries for her workshop giveaway, and has chosen the winners!! 

Ellie Berry is the winner for Dallas and Michelle Sokolich for Byron Bay!

From Yan: “i don’t even know what to say. i was so touched by all of your entries. thank you. i stayed up all night watching the videos and deliberating. choosing a winner is actually painful because it means having to say no to so many of you. but like with everything else, i tried to follow my heart and my gut on selecting who would benefit most by winning these seats. to those of you who didnt win, i want to offer a $250 discount off of the original workshop price. because how could i not? when you’re all so flipping amazing… love to you all, yan.”


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