Ash Imagery: family on Mt Jo in the Adirondacks

Ash Imagery has a way with his camera. The light, the framing, the technique apparent in these gorgeous images of a family on a hike is amazing.  I love the way the scenery is such a large part of the photos but still the connection inside the family is felt.

gorgeous landscape image by photographer ash imagery gorgeous film images of father and family hiking by ash imagery stunning lifestyle portrait of son in flannel shirt in sun fllled woods.jpg shots of family out in woods hiking portraits by ash imagery rich color portrait of family by lake in mountains by ash imagery.jpg family silouehette by lake by ash imagery lovely image shot through glass of car window by woman gorgeous backlight photo of father in son framed by woods by ash imagery light filled shot of family hiking in woods by photographer ash imagery light filled forest with tall trees and family image by ash imagery.jpg reflection image of little boy in puddle by ash imagery rich and beautiful film image of son on dad's shoulders in red flannel overlooking mountains by ash imagery gorgeous scenic landscape image of mountains in fall and lake.jpg

Seriously, Michael’s work blows me away. Don’t you think?


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