Eden Lang: a photography interview

I have a photography crush on Eden Lang….her style of imagery is serene and simple, and those kind of portraits always speak volumes to me.  So, I am delighted to share some of her beautiful work and a few of her thoughts about photography~

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What is your favorite film stock?

I hop back and forth between fuji 400h and Kodak Portra 800

What gear do you shoot with?

I shoot with the Contax 645, Holga, and Hasselblad. But my primary camera is my Contax. I love medium format film and how I see things through these lenses.

Being a Mom and Business owner simultaneously is tough-how do you find balance?

It IS tough! If I can be honest with myself sometimes I feel I fall a little short here BUT I try. I try to prioritize my life. When my sister passed away I realized how unpredictable life is and so I have slowed things down a little to be the mother and person I want to be now, not tomorrow- when I think I might have more time 🙂

What inspires you?

History! I love going through my great grandparents photos. Everything about them inspires me. To know that these people matter to me, to see faces, time and emotion gives me a strong desire to create history for my children. I love the grain, honesty and imperfections evident in these photographs. And most of all I adore the stories that are shared behind the pictures, the memories they evoke even decades after. It makes my heart beat a little faster.

If you weren’t a photographer, what other artistic endeavor would interest you most?

If I wasn’t a photographer…I think I might be a little lost! I danced with my sister for most of my life, but in university I found photography and the darkroom, and dance slowly fell behind me. But I love to be active with my family and find a calm when I’m in the mountains. I can’t help the smile when we are hiking or camping.

Any personal work/projects going on that you care to share?

For the last three years I have had a strong desire to do a series on sisters. There is a very unique bond between sisters and I would love to capture that. For them and myself. I am just trying to get to the right space to do that. But it’s a project that is very dear to me. I hope to capture it the way we feel it.

Your sessions are very beautiful and organic. How do you approach shooting them?

Thank you! I love doing new family shoots. To see the total adoration in the parent’s eyes, how small the baby is in those protective hands. I try to see each new family unit in the same light the new mother sees it – warm, and soft and intimate.

You can also find Eden on Instagram HERE!

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