An Incredible Journey – Nicole Campbell

I was so touched when I read Nicole Campbell’s incredible story…..what an amazing one to get to share here.  In September, her family of five traveled to Thailand to become a family of six….their nine year old son was waiting for them there.

Family is a state of mind….what a wonderful thing that this family was brought together as they were, and that Nicole was able to photograph this journey.

Cameras: Contax 645 and Pentax k1000
Films: Portra 400, TriX (pushed 2 stops), and Ektar 100

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Locations: Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand

Nicole says: “We first started the adoption process back in early 2009.  By September our paperwork was complete, and we asked to be Jaxon’s parents after seeing his photograph on our agency’s waiting-child listing.  They told him on his 6th birthday that he had a family waiting for him in America.  Thanks to having to deal with two governmental bodies, his paperwork took 3 very long years to be completed.  During that period we kept in touch by videos and letters shared over email.  3 years after the first day he was told about us, we were united with him – the day of his 9th birthday.  Because of the length and build up of the process, we chose to take our 3 other children with us – international travel with such a large family is no joke.  As you can see from the photos, we have daughter who was also adopted (back in 2006 from Vietnam), but this was our first trip taking so many children so far from home.  Despite the challenge of our size, our month in Thailand was a lot of fun.”


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