Caught on film – Amy Grace – A Beautiful Life Photo

Film has my heart and Amy Grace‘s as well.  What she has done with it will capture your heart.  A writer as well as a photographer, Amy’s photos are brimming over with emotion — always.

amy grace's photo of her daughter in the flowering bush a beautiful life photo's image of litle boy with tattoos san francisco family photographer's picture of siblings with sun girl on beach photo in film by amy grace amy grace's film image of her son a beautiful life photo's pic of boy in bed sleeping amy grace of a beautiful life photo's image in black and white a beautiful life photo's image of girl with face paint

Amy shot these with her Contax 645 with kodak portra 400, 800 and fuji acros films. Her work and her words will be featured in the next Click Magazine so go and look. And my favorite thing? Well, besides her images.. her little P.S. in her note to me:

ps, for my birthday i bought myself a leica m2. have only shot b and w with it. love the different experience of it. the perfect foil to the contax.
no more digital for me. ever, ever, ever.


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