a weekend for the books by Elizabeth Clark


When photographer Elizabeth Clark and her family headed to their Rockport, MA home away from home, her intent was to meticulously document the experience and turn the images into a beloved book collection. Of course, she also wanted to spruce up the house and relax with her husband (Dan), son (Calvin) and dogs (Rocky and Norman). There was some serious watering, weeding and trimming to be done. Thankfully there were plenty of hands and feet ready to work.



For this book collection, I wanted to document a long weekend of my family spending time together. I focused on capturing moments, details and portraits that (I hope) will immediately transport us back to this time in 5, 10, 20+ years from now. Images that are visceral, engaging a range of senses : vivid colors, textures, noises, smells, and emotions . . .These aren’t special activities – but they are ones that we enjoy now. I anticipate some will stay the same as years pass and others will change, and I think it will be meaningful for us to be able to look back and remember, compare, and reflect down the road.





The Perch, the vacation home Elizabeth and Dan bought on a whim before marriage and kids, sits atop a hill flanked by trees. During their stay, Elizabeth turned her camera and attention to the big and little details like Calvin’s wispy toddler hair, chocolate cake from Willow Rest, and her husband enjoying a beer in between bouts of gardening.





With great intention and care, Elizabeth shot using her Pentax 645D, a medium format digital camera known for its rich color and detail. It was crucial that the book she planned to create reflect this color and detail in its prints. She had her eyes on PQ Blackwell albums because of their fine art matte paper. She crossed her fingers, ordered away and was thrilled with the final product.




To have a book like this is rewarding because it literally reads as a piece of fine art in every way: from the linen cover, to the heavy textured paper and images which resonate as a collection of fine art prints. It is an heirloom piece that makes me proud as both photographer and mother, and I know it will only become more cherished as time passes. That’s the simple reality and beauty of this artistic practice.





With clear purpose, mad skills, and research, Elizabeth is on her way to building a library of high-caliber art books featuring her family life.

Follow Elizabeth Clark wherever she goes to include an article about John Derian featuring her work in the upcoming 9/27 edition of New York Time’s Syle and Luxury magazine.

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