A Spanish Birth Story –Victoria Penafiel – Spain Family Photography

Victòria Peñafiel sent us this beautifully shot birth story and we just fell in love.  Birth stories are always so special and real, and this one is just so pretty as well.

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“This was my first birthstory ever. I had been in “alert” mode for a week and had my mobile phone with me at all times. When Paula finally called to tell me they were heading to the hospital they simply picked me up in their car. By that time it was already pretty clear that the labor was going to be quick – since Paula already had two kids – and in fact it only took 3 hours for Victoria to come into this world. To me, what made the whole process magical was the fact that Paula wanted an anesthesia-free delivery. It was a conscious decision after a C-section and a medicalised birth, and she went through the pain like a champ! There was no screaming, no yelling – only some groaning – but instead there was lots of silence, smiles and good vibrations amongst all of us.

I was so happy that the doctors would let me into the delivery room; it is really uncommon in Spain, where only one person is allowed to accompany the mother. I have to thank Paula for this, she managed to get a written permission from the docs. It was a wonderful experience, both from a personal and photographic point of view. Still, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t do this for a living. Labor = big respect!”



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