Ryan Timm: a simple beautiful wedding

There is something about a simply beautiful wedding, free of fussy details. Timeless photographs of the couples love and their day. It is one of the reasons we have so much love for Ryan Timm Photography. Simple + classic with a twist. Just browsing through his blog you get the idea and this wedding he shared with us is no different.

a bit from the photographer:

“This is Erin and Kyle, a sweet couple who went out of their way to make sure I got what I needed to make the photographs that I wanted. Shouldn’t all clients be like that? Seriously from the time to the locations that we dealt with they gave me lots of freedom. They were married in Peoria, Illinois at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church with a reception following at the Packard Plaza. Like most wedding days in Illinois this year it rained, so what did Erin and Kyle do, they told the driver of the party bus to keep driving until the rain stopped. I mean, we could have went to some indoor location, but they knew I really wanted to shoot in downtown Peoria, so they made it happen. I can not express how grateful I am to have clients like Erin and Kyle, who make my job easier and allows me to create the vision that I have for their day. This wedding was shoot 100% on film. For me it allows me to capture the day with the vision I have. I am always looking through the viewfinder and waiting for the perfect moment. I don’t have to look at the LCD, because I know when I got the shot. It has allowed me to truly capture the moments that happen in between all of the chaos of a wedding.”

and a bit from the bride:

“Kyle and I’ve been dating for a year and a half when he decided to purpose to me in a hot air balloon in Vail, CO! It was beautiful and I certainly said yes to the love of my life. I was thrilled to begin planning for my wedding. My dress was first on the list. I’m a casual girl so I knew I didn’t want a poofy or frilly type of dress. My mom and sisters were with me when I found the “one”! I had been looking for a few weeks when I almost gave up and tried to convince my family that I wasn’t going to find my dress in Peoria. After I was about to pack up my mom said I needed to try on the lacy dress on the Mahican and I agreed. It fit perfectly and it was exactly what i was looking for. I’m pretty sure we all started crying. It was beautiful and most importantly, I felt comfortable and amazing in it. I then took my bridesmaids to find dresses for them. I absolute loved the dress I chose but had trouble finding the perfect color. My favorite color is blue and was beyond excited when a teal blue could be made in the dress I knew everyone of my bridesmaids would look beautiful in it! I’m not a very artsy person but couldn’t wait to hear what georgette flowers would recommend to go with the teal blue dresses. We decided that lavender, apple green, and white would make that blue pop! With a mixture of roses, apple green buttons, and lillies, it couldn’t have been more perfect! I just absolutely loved my cake too! We wanted it simple yet romantic and that’s exactly how it presented on my wedding day. It had all my colors in it. Kyle and i had an incredible time from beginning to end. We shared our love with family and friends and we felt like we were on top of the world. I don’t think a smile ever left our face.”

And in case you were wondering, here are a few details!

Photography: Ryan Timm Photography
Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids dresses: Bill Lovekoff
Cake: Linda Veach
Flowers: Georgette Flowers


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