A Sentimental Goodbye – Suzanne Gipson

This is such a touching session and story by Suzanne Gipson.  What a wonderful way to say goodbye to an important chapter of your life…..

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From Suzanne:

This was my first lifestyle session with a family in their home. And although I am in deep love with true lifestyle photography I had hesitations and questions going into it. Would I really like it? Would I be able to tell the family’s story? I love it so much more than I thought I would.
This family wanted me to photograph their very last morning in their home. They were getting on a plane and moving to California the very next morning. It was brilliant idea. They were going to bring some coffee, some muffins, toys and guitars. The house was completely empty, even the boxes were gone. It was raw. Stripped of objects and things.
I fantasize about moving. To the extreme of daydreaming about packing boxes and where I will put this or that. But a friend recently said it’s not going to hit you until you turn that key for the very last time. And it’s true. This home is where I became a wife. And a mother. I brought both my babies through that door.  So Liz, being brilliant during her move to California, had this idea. And now her children will see where they were born and where they started their lives.  And they will see that they were really, really loved.
There was a lot of music played, a lot of laughing, and some sentimental times too. We had a dance party and we read books. We hung out in the rooms the children were born in. The children played and crawled all over their parents. They hugged. And cried. And lastly, they said goodbye.
When the session was over Liz walked me to my car. She said it seems all so surreal. That I am leaving tomorrow. I told her it was the beginning of new beginnings. It’s like a whole new life.


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