A moment between mother and child

From Angie Mertz:

As a photographer and a mother I know that it’s easy to take tons of photos of your children, but have very few photos of you with your children. We are always behind the camera. This made me think about all the little moments in day-to-day life that may seem mundane or often get overlooked. The little moments that pass all too quickly and later end up being big moments that we miss. The feedings, the snuggles, the toe kisses, the belly laughs, the smiles… everyday moments shared by mom and baby that are rarely seen by anyone else, let alone captured for a lifetime. These pictures are precious and I was happy to freeze this moment in time.

I shoot film and chose Portra 400 for this session. I knew it was going to be indoors but didn’t know the exact lighting situation. Once I arrived I assessed the main room where we would be shooting, there was ample window light but the sun kept ducking in and out of clouds. I decided to push the film one stop to give me a fast shutter speed, especially working with a 6 month old baby! I rated at 800, metered for the shadows and pushed a stop in development. Shot on both Nikon F100 35mm and Pentax 645N medium format cameras and developed/scanned at Richard Photo Lab.

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close up pic of baby on moms lap by film photographer Angie Mertz

detail photo of mom holding baby hands by film photographer Angie Mertz

baby feet in moms hands by Angie Mertz

photo of mom holding baby by Angie Metz

film photo of baby sucking thumb by Angie Mertz

film photo of mom sitting in chair feeding baby by Angie Mertz

pic of mom feeding baby a bottle by Angie Mertz

film picture of baby sitting on a black and white rug by Angie Mertz

photo of baby sucking on moms finger by film photographer Angie Mertz

photo of mother kissing baby toes by Angie Mertz

pic of mom tickling baby by film photographer Angie Mertz

picture of mom sitting by dog and holding child in a retro room by Angie Mertz


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