Stacie Turner: holga love

I love to shoot my holga.  I bring it to weddings and to family shoots and run a roll through it.  But do I shoot a whole session on the holga? That thought actually never occurred to me until I saw Stacie Turner’s work.

Stacie submitted these shots saying “This is a session shot wholly with a plastic toy camera known as a holga.  Holgas are low fidelity medium format film cameras known for their vignetting, soft fall off and dreamy focus.  The children in these images, all siblings, range from 2 to 7 and met me in a local park where their mother volunteers as a naturalist. ”

Stacie gave us some tips to keep in mind:

“5 Things to Remember When Shooting with a Holga

1)  Meter.  Sure, you can’t change any settings but underexposed is underexposed; sometimes it’s just not worth shooting.
2)  Your focus is most likely going to be in the center – compose with this in mind.
3)  Make sure your shutter speed is set to N (approximately 1/100) unless you want a very long exposure (B for bulb)  Tape it there.  Gaff tape is a valuable part of any holga shooters tool kit.
4)  Throw away the metal sliders that hold the camera together – they will break anyway.  Use gaff tape.
5)  Don’t forget to advance the film!”

Goes to show once again, its not the equipment, its the vision of the photographer.

On another shoot, Stacie shot this with her holga (a $30 piece of equipment) inside a ziploc bag. 

An amazingly creative and unique way to document children.

A lovely thing to ponder on a lazy saturday afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend (last one of summer for me!)


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