A fresh hospital newborn with Bjorna Hoen

Looking at these photos, I can almost smell that sweet new baby scent that is so mesmerizing as a new mom. Your first few moments with your new addition can be so magical; excitement fills the air of the room and an infectious joy courses through your veins. Southern California photographer Bjorna Hoen, shares a delightful newborn hospital session with us where she captured all of the little details that happen in the first few days of life: hours of snuggles with mom and dad, memorizing the sweet face that you’ve been imagining in your head for months, pouring over tiny new fingers and toes and dressing the smallest of limbs, willing them to bend as your fingers learn to work the snaps and buttons that will soon become second nature. Bjorna, who is originally from The Netherlands where she was born and raised, shares her love for documenting these precious firsts with us:

“First of all I’m obsessed with everything birth. I’m back in school to become a midwife, so I guess that will explain part of it. But what
I love most about fresh 48 sessions is that these are such calm relaxed sessions full with new love. Fresh 48 sessions are such special sessions, you get to witness all those special ‘firsts’ like meeting big brother for the first time, first diaper change by dad, first time breastfeeding.

This sweet session took place on a sunny February afternoon in beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. Bjorna describes the mood as calm and relaxed, with an alert baby who focused on the faces of her new mom and dad.  When asked how she would describe her approach to photography, Bjorna says “photojournalist and colorful” and that she has a penchant for ordinary moments in everyday life that perhaps don’t appear special at first.  Those small, cherished details that will bring back a flood of memories when you look back on them. Photography is her creative outlet and when she’s not photographing a client or her own two children, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her family, drawing and the great outdoors.  I can see Bjorna’s love for details and color shine through in these images: the pop of turquoise in the pacifier, small crinkly toes and a new mama’s adoring gaze.  The joy that a precious baby brings to a family is immeasurable but these special images document that feeling in a way that words can’t quite describe.

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photo of a new mom holding her baby by Bjorna Hoen

pictures of new parents holding their newborn by Southern California photographer Bjorna Hoen

picture of a baby lying in a bassinet by Thousand Oaks photographer Bjorna Hoen

pictures of a newborn baby in a hospital bassinet by California photographer Bjorna Hoen

picture of a baby in a hospital bassinet by Bjorna Hoen

photo of a newborn with a pacifier by Thousand Oaks photographer Bjorna Hoen

picture of a newborn baby legs by SoCal photographer Bjorna Hoen

picture of a newborn being dressed by Thousand Oaks photographer Bjorna Hoen

picture of new parents kissing while holding their newborn baby by photographer Bjorna Hoen

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