A first sailboat ride in Hawaii with Three Plus Photography

In 2005 photographer Sophia Costa, of Three Plus Photography, moved from Brazil to Hawaii. Shortly after that, Sophia met her husband and a year and a half later the two were getting married. Sophia decided to stay in Hawaii, and shares a little about what makes life on Oahu different from living on the mainland. “The island lifestyle is something you can’t really replicate anywhere else… In Hawaii people actually make time to enjoy nature and hang out with friends. My kids get to grow up going to the beach everyday, they get to learn how to swim in the ocean instead of in a pool, they get to skateboard almost everyday, they get to do hikes from a young age, and they WANT to be outside. You can’t beat that. These days kids are all about iphones and video games (mine included if I let them)… I think it’s easier to draw them outside when we live in such a beautiful and intriguing place.”

1 Man holds child on sailboat under sunny sky by-Three-Plus-Photography


Recently, Sophia and her family accompanied a good friend out on a sailboat trip to Waimea Bay. “My husband and I are water people, and we’re trying to teach our kids, from an early age, to respect and love the ocean as well. We thought it would be good for them to experience the ocean and its swells in an environment that was different from being close to shore.” As they headed into the wind, the natural tendency of the sailboat caused it to heel, creating quite a dramatic sideways shift in the angle of the deck. While the unfamiliar sensation settled down onto Sophia’s children, she reassured them that everyone was safe, knew how to swim and the life vests they had on were an extra layer of protection. Despite their trepidation, the children chose to trust their Mama, which was a special moment for Sophia. “My daughter even ended up falling asleep as the water hit her face, which I thought was amazing. As soon as we arrived in the calm waters of Waimea Bay, all the tension disappeared. It was definitely an excellent “trust exercise” for all of us.”

Sophia’s images capture the wonder and joy of being out on the water, experiencing the thrill of moving across the waves. I can almost smell the salty freshness and feel the rocking of the deck beneath my feet. Thank you for sharing a piece of your world with Let the Kids, Sophia!

Sophia’s Gear: Canon 5D Mark ii, 16-35 mm 2.8, Outex in-water/underwater housing

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2 Children in life vests in hold of boat by-Three-Plus-Photography

3 photo of child fastening life vest by-Three-Plus-Photography

4 Children in life vests on sailboat by-Three-Plus-Photography

5 Photo of children and adult on sailboat by-Three-Plus-Photography

6 Child on sailboat in Hawaii by-Three-Plus-Photography

7 Partial underwater photo of sailboat in ocean by-Three-Plus-Photography

8 Sailboat heads towards land by-Three-Plus-Photography

9 Child in floatie ring by-Three-Plus-Photography

10 Photo of nautical instrument by-Three-Plus-Photography

11 Child reaches into sailboat out on ocean by-Three-Plus-Photography

12 Child with wind in hair on sailboat by-Three-Plus-Photography

13 Photo of child eating grapes on sailboat in the ocean by-Three-Plus-Photography

14 Partial underwater photo of sailboat moored in ocean under sunny sky by-Three-Plus-Photography


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