A Birth Story by Sunny + Scout

Louise Buma from Sunny + Scout Photography sent us this amazing birth story.

On my last baby, I wanted a birth story coverage.  And had a photographer. But when the labor and fun stuff started, things got all crazy (back labor) and I didn’t even call her.

I sort of regret it but hey, pain is humbling.

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“A few weeks ago Amy emailed me asking if I would be interested in photographing her birth. She had just confirmed that she would like to have a home birth and was due very soon – too soon in fact. I was overseas at the time and wouldn’t be back until a week past her due date. She assured me that she always went well over and I excitedly agreed that if I could make it, I would love to do it. I was on baby watch from the moment I returned home, waiting to get the call to start driving to Amy and her husband Nic’s biodynamic dairy  farm 90 minutes away. On Saturday morning Amy called me to say that her waters had been broken by the midwife, but not to hurry. I couldn’t help myself. I jumped in the car a few hours later, convinced that as this was Amy’s fourth baby, things would surely happen soon and I wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

I spent the day exploring the beautiful area where the farm was situated near the tiny town of Fish Creek, still waiting. I got my car stuck in a ditch while pulling off the road to take photos of some gorgeous horses and was rescued by a local farmer who towed me out. I drove the the beach and the wind farms. Still I waited. At sunset I was invited to come and wait it out at the farm and I walked around capturing their simple yard, which was bursting with life. Spring calves, chickens, herbs, vegetables, cute doggies and evidence that children lived happily there. Once all the big kids had gone to bed, and the full moon was up – things finally got going. The room was lit by just a few candles and was filled with a calm anticipation and a whole lotta love. I felt so SO privileged to be there with just a few others – Amy’s dear friend, her husband Nic and two midwives. We whispered guesses of whether the baby would be born in September or October. Baby Savannah was birthed at home in the water by her mama in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, serene and perfect. The moment she was born the older children got up to meet their new sister and it was hours before anyone could go back to sleep.

Such and exciting night was followed by a morning of blissful normality – kids having breakfast, Amy nursing the baby and poor Nic getting up at dawn to milk the cows. Real life.

This was the first birth I have photographed and the first I’d attended since my own babies were born – it just felt like the way things used to be, and were meant to be. It totally inspired me.”


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