Rachel Kruse: a beautiful mama

I am always impressed by folks that are able to photograph themselves and get even one or two keepers, so this shoot by Rachel Kruse was really awesome.  She took these photos of herself while expecting, and they are just lovely!

From Rachel:

The unique thing about this session is that I am the one in the photos as well as the one taking the photos. I am 7 months pregnant and had a lot of ideas for what I wanted for some maternity photos. The lighting was just right in my bedroom, so I gave it a shot. I set up a tripod and used my cordless remote to take the photos. It was very tricky to get myself in focus, as well as knowing if the pose I was in would work, so there was a lot of up and down while looking at the photos on the camera to make changes. I think it worked though!  I love how special these will be to me in the future knowing I did them myself.

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You can find Rachel on Facebook HERE.


  • Egle says:

    I don’t know how you did it! Especially with wide aperture. Cool!

  • Jessica says:

    Perfectly lovely in every way! Amazing, Rachael!

  • Jamie says:

    Abbie – I love that you featured a mother who took her own photos – how unique! These pictures are just beautiful and Rachel is such a talented photographer. What a treat!

  • Haley says:

    I love the intimacy of these photos — brave mama to take pants-less maternity photos! Not sure I could have pulled that one off without scaring (or maybe scarring?) people! 🙂 But the great thing about it is that it is a beautiful alternative to the “perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect clothes, pulled-together pregnant mama” photos I see so often. Don’t get me wrong, those photos are usually beautiful in their own way, but I just want to ask those women: does that really represent how you looked and felt during pregnancy? With these photos there is a vulnerability and authenticity that is so rare in this genre. Bravo!

  • Koy'a says:

    Rachael is not only talented, and beautiful, but she is also a natural as a new momma! Great pick for your blog!

  • Michelle says:

    These are some of the most unique and special photos I have seen! Wow, what a talent.

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