A Beautiful Bond | Lauren Guilford

These images from Lauren Guilford are so serene…..there’s nothing sweeter than a newborn baby, and the affection and excitement felt by the family is palpable in these images.

LGuilford-10 LGuilford-8 LGuilford-6 LGuilford-5 LGuilford-4 LGuilford-3 LGuilford-2 LGuilford-9 LGuilford-7 LGuilford-1

Miranda had to have a c-section since the baby turned breach about a week before her due date. So I was there to capture all the moments leading up to and right after the c-section. I loved how peaceful everything was. Sometimes at births there can be quite a bit of anxiety, but that didn’t seem to be the case with Miranda. And oh how sweet it was to see their older daughter with her new baby sister.




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