Two Birds Photography: 63rd street beach house, Chicago

Beach and Chicago don’t really belong in the same sentence.  At least it doesn’t seem that they should.  But just look what Two Birds Photography went and did.  A bona fide beach shoot in Chicago. And it looks fan-tas-tic.  No one even looks cold, although I am betting they were.

One of my favorite things about this shoot was Two Birds use of the square format and the mix of color and black and white to acheive a full story and really timeless images.

And how is that seagull at the end?  That belongs up on the wall.   I have a secret crush on seagulls, only because there are none here in Hawaii.  Classic case of always wanting what I don’t have.  That’s me, and probably you too, in a nutsh




Wendy ( + Tory)



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