24 hours with Kate Densmore

They met online first and then in person. Kate Densmore and Carrie Yuan are both photographers who specialize in documentary family sessions. Since the logistics of kids and nursing don’t easily mix with friendship and business, Kate wasn’t immediately able to schedule the day in the life session that Carrie was craving. They were finally able to immortalize what might now seem like an ordinary day but will, in time, celebrate the beauty of the long gone mundane. In May, Kate visited Carrie in Seattle to capture a fantastically average day in the lives of this married working couple with three little kids. In this captivating session, Kate chronicles the ins and outs of a day in Carrie’s present life from sun up to sun down, from one diaper change to the next.



I can just spend the day getting to know a wonderful family, and in doing so capture exactly who they are and what their life is like right now. The big events might be the things we look back on as milestones, but I think it’s the everyday simplicity of our lives that we will look back to and wish we could hold onto longer. ~ Kate Densmore




Since photographers typically have a camera in hand, they don’t often prioritize getting in front of that very camera themselves. For Kate, it was an honor that Carrie hired and trusted her to capture their lives authentically. For Carrie, it was time to walk the walk. These are the sessions she values and shoots for her clients. It was time to do the same for herself.



Carrie kept having to remind her son that “butter is a topping, not a food”, in anticipation of the french toast breakfast bar we were heading to. ~ Kate Densmore



Our kids are 5 and 2, so parenting is exhausting and super hands-on these days, but it’s also such a sweet time in our life as parents. The kids are SO darn FUN these days, and we are so acutely aware of how fast time is marching on. This was my attempt to bottle them up and keep them little. ~ Carrie Yuan





I don’t have the words to accurately describe how much these photos mean to me. Kate perfectly captured US (not the perfectly coifed, sanitized version, but the real & gritty & imperfectly beautiful) and for that, I am forever grateful. ~ Carrie  Yuan

Carrie may be short on words to articulate how valuable these images are to her. However, the fact that she made identical books of the session for each of her three children with customized covers says it all. Now that one day with Kate can last a lifetime. As it should.

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image of how carrie yuan printed kate densmore day in the life session


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