Workshop Week — T + T Dynamite Workshops


T+ T Dynamite Workshops


This is very much on my personal wish list. I love the creativity and the out of the box imagery that comes out of these two.  I kept wishing and praying they would make it to Hawaii!!

Tanja Lippert & Tia ReaganT&T DYNAMITE” have teamed up to help photographers “UP THEIR GAME” through a series of AWESOME workshops and one on one mentor sessions!





A VERY COOL 3/4 day workshop.

Learn to see the LIGHT! Bring your walking shoes and a smile. Tanja and Tia are going to share their expertise and passion for the use of raw, natural light! We are going to show you how to make the most out of any lighting situation WITHOUT the use of on or off camera flash. You will learn how and why we LOVE shooting at all times of the day, even HIGH NOON! We will help you develop your eye for scouring out the best possible light at any time of day. The sun is our friend!

Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be LIGHT.”



A “T&T Dynamite” 2- DAY workshop.
Lots of people have gifts and talents.  Thank God, T&T have been blessed with the natural ability to “direct” our subjects in a way that looks natural, beautiful and real!  You will spend TWO adventure filled days with T&T and we will not hold back in sharing our directing expertise!!!  This workshop is ONE OF A KIND….filled with tons of information, cool people, some good old fashion T&T style DORK ENERGY and beautiful things to shoot!!!
“The Fine Line” – a boudoir workshop

A FULL DAY boudoir or as T&T like to call them “BOODIE-WAH” workshop!
The ART of beautiful BOUDOIR photography is not always easy!  There is a “FINE LINE” between being sensual and sexy and being “overtly sexy” and sometimes “cheesy”Boudoir Photography is one of the more challenging genres.  All too many times it goes “oh so wrong” in so many ways. Lighting, hair, makeup, ward-robing, posing, angles and post production are all so essential to beautiful boudoir photography.  This workshop will focus on all of the above and more!  “The Fine Line” boudoir workshop with T&T will force you to UP your game when it comes to creating beautiful, sensual, meaningful boudoir photographs.
These two are a kick and if you are attracted to creative, fun and excellent photography, its an easy YES.

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