Sarah Der: who let the dog out?

Sarah Der has a way with dogs and people.  I love this cute couple session plus the their dog. On the bed no less.  The image with all their feet just kills me.  Perfection and humor all at the same time.

” I want to share with you a few images from all the way over here in Durham, NC. This is Matt, Casey, and their outrageous dog Wilco. Matt and Casey live in Durham, and they have a deep love for the city–they love the food (trucks!), the culture, the people, the art, the dogs, and the community. It was really wonderful to have them show me around (I’m from across the way in Chapel Hill), to have them invite me into their quaint apartment and to share with me their sweet, funny, and sometimes mischievous dog Wilco (who by the way was not the easiest to photograph and who against all values previously held by her humans, does in fact snuggle with them in their bed). 🙂 “

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