Who Inspires You? | Kati Dimoff and Posy Quarterman

As photographers, we draw inspiration from many places. One of the most important I’ve found along the way is through friendships I’ve made – it’s honestly been one of the most important aspects of it for me, as it has pushed me to improve and increased my passion for what I do.  So when I saw this adventure that pals Kati Dimoff and Posy Quarterman took recently, I had to share it.  Kati (of You Are My Wild) and Posy (recently featured right here on Let the Kids) are both talented photographers from Portland (and two of my favorite instagrammers).  For Mother’s Day, they took their families on a casual excursion and  shared a few of their photos from the outing with us.

A few of Kati’s….

kdimoffphotography ltk-1 kdimoffphotography ltk-2 kdimoffphotography ltk-5 kdimoffphotography ltk-7 kdimoffphotography ltk-9 kdimoffphotography ltk-10 kdimoffphotography ltk-12 kdimoffphotography ltk-13 kdimoffphotography ltk-14

And a few of Posy’s…..

PQPhoto_MothersDay_003 PQPhoto_MothersDay_004 PQPhoto_MothersDay_008 PQPhoto_MothersDay_009 PQPhoto_MothersDay_010PQPhoto_MothersDay_014 PQPhoto_MothersDay_011 PQPhoto_MothersDay_012

You can view Posy’s whole post HERE, and Kati’s HERE.

Kati’s Instagram | Posy’s Instagram.

Who/what inspires YOU?

Don’t forget to send us your most creative and stunning single images!  I am putting together a compliation post for next week.  Send them to me at submit@letthekids.com sized at 600 pixels wide with no watermarks pretty please.

See you soon!

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  • Wendy says:

    what really inspires me is super creative and out of the box images. I love looking at magazines and street art books/sites for different things. Even clothing catalogs that are sent to my home inspire me. And I love mario testino’s books, a book I have of old Vogue photographs, and surf and skate magazines.

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