Calima Portraits: true love and personal touches

We are so excited to be bringing this wedding to you today!! Photographed by the amazing CALIMA Portraits. This entire set looks so different to me from what we normally see, and by different I mean that in BEST possible way EVER!! Looking through her work I’m smitten with the angles and view point. Refreshing!!

This simple wedding was filled with personal touches from the bride & groom getting ready in their parent’s homes….the same houses that they both grew up in, where they used to travel through wooded paths to get to each other when they were dating in high school!! To the homemade pies the the brides parents made together!!

Catherine told us a little about how she handles tough lighting situations and getting those precious candid moments that are UNscripted!

“The challenges that I faced for this wedding was that most of the park was in direct harsh sunlight, but with lots of trees around so it caused all sorts of pesky shadows that I had to work around.  For their B&G photos & wedding party photos before the wedding, we definitely stayed under the cover of the trees and away from the crowds at the public park.  I love the look of the sunlight filtering through the trees, but it’s sometimes difficult to convince my couples that this is where the best photos are going to happen, especially if they have in their heads that they want their photos in the sun.  Here in Seattle, we only get so many sunny days a year, and so my couples always get so excited when the sun comes out and generally always want to be basking in the direct sunlight for their photos.  I completely understand that, but I often have to educate them on the difficulties of shooting in direct sun; namely the harsh shadows it causes on their faces, the extreme contrasts between shadows & highlights, and of course with this venue, the extremely green grass that reflects the sunlight and sends a green hue directly up to their faces & necks.  At a wedding, with a short amount of time to shoot what they want and shoot how I want, I usually just do a quickie in-person example of what happens when I shoot in shade & what happens when I shoot in sun… by popping in & out of the shade.  🙂  That always helps, and usually my couples are more than happy to just trust that I always have their best interests in mind.”

“There are also some fantastic candid moments with them; for instance, directly after the ceremony, I told them to just walk away & keep walking… away from all of their guests and to the most secluded spot they could find to be alone.  I kind of got caught up & didn’t follow them immediately, but when I did catch up with them… they were walking towards this little park bench, where they sat together & just had a few moments of peace.  I happened to catch it, but it was totally “unscripted.”  And amazing.”

And it is amazing…the entire thing. Enjoy!


Dress:  Ashleigh Claire, from I Do Bridal in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle
Tuxes:  The Tux Shop, in Redmond, WA
Hair:  Regis Salon, Sammamish
Officiant:  Pastor Laurence Berteig (Westminster Chapel, Bellevue)
Florist:  Redmond Farmers Market
Catering:  Qdoba
Pies:  Bride’s Mother & Father
DJ: Bride’s Brother in Law
Decorations:  Groom’s Family


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