Traditions – Heather Perera

I love the way that Heather sees the world. From her stunning family & lifestyle photos to her incredible fine art work, her images always make me feel something. I’m so excited to share these photos from her of a day spent making memories with her beautiful boy Lucca & some good friends!

From Heather: I’m a sucker for traditions.  I hold onto those from my childhood and cherish creating new ones with my family.  They make a family unique, act as a glue to bond a family together, and creates a safety.  I am passionate about documenting them, both for my own family and others.  When I document a family tradition or ritual, I get to truly see who that family is, how they interact, what is important to them and why their love is so strong.  They are magical and can be as simple as pancake Saturdays.

One of my favorite traditions is picking our own pumpkins.  Every October we stake out a new pumpkin patch, fill our thermos with cider and head out to frolic in the corn mazes.  We’ve done it for years, and for me it signifies fall.

Because of my love for documenting traditions or rituals, I created a “ritual project”.  I want to help families create something they’ll treasure for years, because it’s what makes them, them.

Images captured on a Pentax 67 ii with Kodak Portra 160 & 400.

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