A Summer trip to Paris with Elisa Bricker

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel, so when I saw this family session from Elisa Bricker shot on film in Paris, I just about died. Is there a person alive that doesn’t crave the feeling of wandering through French alleyways with the people you love? I’m always attracted to images that evoke a feeling of place and time, and this session evokes crisp Parisian mornings, warm baguettes and beautiful light…

From Elisa: While we were living in Paris this past summer we passed this little lane every day on our way to and from our little apartment in the 18th. While we  took tons of pictures of each other while we were there, it was difficult to get a whole family photo. When we decided to document the three of us together, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather have the images than in this little lane. We timed our family picture together using a garbage can and the self timer on our Contax. Smelly, but it worked!

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