Texas Snow – Jenny McCann

As a fellow Texan, I know all too well how rare snow is here.  Winter is now giving way to spring, but we loved this session from Jenny McCann of her kiddos enjoying a rare snow day here!

From Jenny ~

It is rare for us Texans to see snow and even rarer to have a White Christmas! But there it was. Beautiful snow falling on Christmas Day. My 2 children could hardly contain themselves. As you can see from the photos they were having the time of their lives and I’m so happy I was able to capture this moment. Who knows when Dallas will ever see another White Christmas?


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Techie Info:

I use a Sekonic L-508 light meter that I spot meter for shadows. I also rate the ISO in the light meter to overexpose. For example, Ilford 3200 I set the ISO on the light meter to 1600; 400 speed film I set the light meter to 200, etc. I use this same metering technique in most lighting situations. Works like a charm!

I used Ilford 3200 with my Mamiya 645 because of this film’s beautiful grain. It worked well with the snow adding lots of texture. Not to mention the timeless feel this film has. I also used a second film camera, Nikon F100 35mm for the color images using Fuji 400.  Fuji film garners perfect skin tones and a lot of punch when scanned on a Frontier scanner. (Indie Film Lab) Since the kids had on colorful clothing I knew I didn’t want to miss out on this fun contrast of white snow and bright pop of color. Having both cameras available allowed me to get the best of both worlds!


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