Street Style — Interview with Georgia Brizuela

Georgia Brizuela is an amazing child photographer.  Just look at her an ongoing project of “street style photos” we are showing today.
“This project evolved very organically. We live inner city and the children and I often take walks out and about. Within their 366 projects I am undertaking this year I noticed I had a few that showed off their sense of style at this age. With that in mind whenever we’re out and I am particularly fond of what they’ve decided to put on that day, I take a little snap.”
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 What inspires you?
I shoot to document delight. I am driven to capture as much of fleeting childhood as I can. My children inspire me.
Any tips for shooting children?
Be sneaky.
Favorite time of day to shoot and why?
When the dust dances in the sunlight.
Favorite place to shoot and why?
In our bed. Because it’s comfortable and real (and has clean natural light)
Where do you look for creative inspiration?
I do my very best not to look on the internet, I find it hard to be creative if I do. I look at my children, I look at strangers on the street, I look at our old family photos.
Best piece of advice you could give to a new photographer?
Shoot only what makes your heart sing.


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