Melissa Mae: epic saturday

Being the experienced and pro-bloggers we are, with all of our thirteen day experience, we have found that sometimes really sensational photographs don’t have a session or series to make a whole blog post.  But we still want to feature this one-off’s, or two-offs as the case may be.

And also because our blog seemed so sad and lonely on the weekends, we decided we would run a Saturday post where we could put whatever one or two odd photos came into our submission inbox that didn’t have a whole post but we couldn’t live without featuring.

We can also chat a little bit more off the cuff on Saturdays (since its not a real blog work day, right?).  And maybe tell some stories or give some ideas on where else you can be submitting your exceptional people photography.

Anyone submitting to JPG magazines’ One Life competition?   There’s something to keep you busy tonight.

Here is today’s epicness — thank you Melissa Mae Photography for this little slice of life.   And we wish you an epic weekend.

Tory & Wendy



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