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The Brothers Wright: a one year photo series

One of my very favorite type of submissions from two of my very favorite family photographers, Brothers Wright: a whole one year series of a little girl, from the pregnancy through her first year birthday.

There are so many fantastically great photos but I’ve included my very favorites from the maternity, newborn, six month, and one year photo sessions.

brothers wright's polaroid image of maternity couple brothers wright's image of pregnant girl in red and white striped tee brother's wright image of couple with house brothers wright's image of newborn yawning brothers wright's image of baby on mommy with dad in black and white T&Cnb_Instant_10 brothers wright's pic of 6 month old baby in the air brothers wright's pic of family on grass with mom in pink shirt brothers wright image of baby against blue sky brothers wright's image of one year old girl brothers wright's image of little girl with mom and pink flowers brothers wright's image of family in one year series

Aren’t they fantastic? I love the look they get with their film cameras and special lenses. It’s so unique and so them.


Compilation Post: one shot is all it takes

One shot is all it takes.

The proof is right here:

How is your summer going?

Mine is winding down. Today the kids went back to school. But….

We have no after school activities until September so it’s still a bit summery.

Have a good one! And don’t forget to show me your favorite photos!