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Jonathan Canlas: FIND and kids

It’s no secret that I love and adore film and it’s no surprise that I learned how to shoot film from Jonathan Canlas and his Film is Not Dead workshop.

That guy just can not take a bad photo.  He has some serious skills.  So even though his name is synonymous with color film and the Contax 645, his newer work shot on a Rollei with black and white film is crazy good too.

His photos of his kids are priceless and I love how he depicts his life in Hawaii. Just look:

jonathan canlas's black and white square film photo of son with curly hair and funny face hawaii photographer jonathan canlas's sweet image of twin daughters at birthday photo of kids toes in black and white by photographer jonathan canlas lovable shot of two brothers hugging in black and white by photographer jonathan canlas hawaii photographer jonathan canlas' quirky photograph of little girl on beach with flag in background

Jonathan Canlas teaches more than just how to shoot. He also taught me how to run a profitable and sane photography business.  He sells a PDF called the FIND Biz guide and I bought it when it first came out.  Boy did it help me. He’s running a sale on it this weekend (Black Friday of course!) and you can buy it for $179 (down from its retail of $349).


Gorete Ferreira: sweet newborn

Gorete Ferreira is amazing. How I love this newborn shoot!  The photography is so well done and there is so much variety in the set she submitted.  Her style is really shining through and my favorite is the love I can see in these images.

gorete_ferreira_photography_newborn_11 gorete ferreira photography's image of mom with newborn gorete ferreira photography's image of mom in chair with newborn in black and white gorete ferreira photography's photo of newborn nursing on mother gorete ferreira photography's picture of mom next to newborn knit blue striped toy gorete ferreira photography's photograph of mom in tan sweater holding newborn in white onesie gorete ferreira photography's with newborn feet in mother's hug in neutral tones gorete ferreira photography's keep calm and surf on photo