Oliver + Company – Kirstin Roper

While this might look like a cute family shoot with a newborn.. its really all about the dog, Oliver.  Kirstin Roper did a bonetastic (oh I know that’s bad) job with this shoot.

[blogshow id=c3e1 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1] I am a good friend of Lindsey Stewart’s. I am sure you both know she and her husband Scott recently welcomed baby Jack  into their family.  Just weeks before Lindsey’s due date they found out their golden retriever Oliver had cancer, and only a short time to be with their family. She asked that I come over to document their family together with Ollie. Ollie is the best friend to their daughter Lucy, and protector of new baby Jack. I was thrilled as it is such an honor to photograph another photographers family, especially one whom I have looked up to for so long.


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