My Mini Sessions – Wendy Laurel – Maui Family Photography

I thought I’d throw one of my mini sessons in this week while we are talking about them.  You know me, the editor of this blog – Wendy Laurel.

I thought I would hate mini sessions.  It seemed like alot of pressure to get it right in just 20 minutes.

(Oh yeah.. my mini sessions are 20 minutes.. for $250 and include 5 digital files.)  But I offered them for many of the families I know that live in Maui and cannot afford my regular rates.

Turns out I was wrong. 20 minutes is fun! Its the perfect amount of time. We stay in one spot and get what we need. A bit of grass, a bit of sand and boom its done.

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I wish people signed up to do this every weekend. Its a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. What other times of the year do you offer mini sessions?



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