Love In The City – Susannah Gill

I love the unconventional details and fun spirit of these images from Susannah Gill!


From Susannah: On a regular Sunday morning in NYC, a family’s love shines extraordinarily bright!  There was no need to get dressed up or wear matching outfits, all this family wanted was to be themselves.  They read their favorite books, played hide and go seek in the bathroom, made music on the piano, daydreamed out the window, shared snacks and jumped on Mommy and Daddy’s bed- all while allowing me to capture the moments, expressions, little hands and feet, hugs, kisses and the fun!


Melissa and Jorge with their vibrant young children, sweet little dog and chirpy bird too, were an excellent example of the kind of family photography I feel so passionate about. What I like to call Family Photojournalism. I am so grateful they allowed me into their home and revealed themselves to me and my camera as the beautiful family that they are… on a regular Sunday morning!


This session was shot with a D700 using the 24-70mm lens and a prime 50mm with natural light.
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  • Thank you so much for publishing the work of this incredible family! I greatly admired their ability to let me in their home and then carry on as if I wasn’t there, allowing me to capture them in their true form- a form full of LOVE and FUN!

  • Greg says:

    I love everything about this photoshoot! They look like such a fun family and the photographs are so much better than going to a park for traditional family portraits! This is true art work and I’m sure these images will be cherished by this family and their future generations!

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