LET’S SEE THE BABY – Mariana Sabido

I love how newborn sessions can be so different. There is the whole baby dressed up type, or the baby in bowl type (which I hate), or the beautiful light filled baby and family sessions Tory does, and then there is this genre.. a more raw in the moment, in the home, photojournalistic type of session.

Mariana Sabido did not submit to this blog. I found her because she had talked about us on her blog and linked and my google analytics report showed it. And I happened to look at my analytics (which I rarely do but keep meaning to do more).  I went to her blog and fell in love with her vision.

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What is your favorite way to portray newborns?  documentary? black and white? fine art? glass jars — although I doubt those fans are fans of our blog but you just never know. Tell us.  And tell us why.




  • Warm and lovely family session!

    Personally I like both, documentary and posed style newborn sessions. Though regarding posing, I prefer the “raw” version, with only minimal props. I *hate* headbands, giant flowers, teddy-bearish hats and other props which in my opinion detract from the main subject, the baby.

    I like them to be naked to show the beauty in their little bodies. Baby in hands is one of my favorites lately. And… black and white rules! 🙂

  • Ana Pratas says:

    Been following Mariana Sabido’s work for a long while. She does beautiful images and I love her documentary approach to family phtography. And it’s so cool to see a portuguese photographer featured here. Congrats!!!
    I really like this documntary style a lot, but also like those organic shots of nude newborns. Simple and natural, no props, no bowls lol… I try to do a bit of both 🙂

  • I love these! So real and authentic.
    My newborn work is mainly in my studio, where I try to steer clear of props and do as little posing as possible, but I am really taking a shine to this kind of photojournalistic approach to newborns in their own home environment, and want to try it! I am feeling inspired! thanks!

  • This is totally in line with my style! I still have an appreciation for studio work and the posing, props, etc., – some of those images can be really beautiful, but it’s just not me. Two years ago, when it came time to have my own maternity and newborn photos done, I wanted them to real. I wanted photos of us, in our own home with our own clothes and blankets. I found a photographer who had the same vision as me and those photos are now my most cherished possessions. I stopped trying to do “posed” photos for those clients who asked for it. I just wasn’t comfortable with it and it didn’t make me happy. I now only offer lifestyle portrait sessions in my clients homes. If people request studio work with props, etc., I refer them to someone else.

    So needless to say, I LOVE this session. Beautiful work.

    • Wendy says:

      Kimberly, way to go. Thats such a good post.. you changed your style and your clients and made it work. Id love to follow up on that some more. So many photographers don’t feel in control with their clients.

  • rachael may says:

    I love the faded film black and white look, snuggled against mom and dad. It’s like….preserving the real memory (my memories seem to be in black and white).

  • While I love this type of photography, it’s sometimes not easy to capture.

    I went to my last newborn session hoping to capture a few photojournalistic images while in the bedroom. It was awful… the design and elements of the room were so off and the parents insisted on wearing their favorite sports team shirts and the newborn too!

  • joana says:

    MARIANA is an amazing photographer.. every session, month, the work is improving and different, happy, warming, sweet sessions appear.. with natural light and magnificent points of view. Seeing her work is great to complete the day and continuing to dream about new things!

  • Sara says:

    Beautiful session! If I use “props” at all, I want them to belong to the client – a favorite teddy bear, outfit someone made for them, etc. The only thing I bring is a white blanket (just in case all of their own have prints or animals on them) and a boppy-shaped pillow.

  • Graciete says:

    It’s lovely to see work featured from my tiny little spot of the globe, and doubly so when the work wasn’t even submitted, but rather serendipitously stumbled upon and good enough to have someone want to showcase it… I too have followed Mariana’s blog, albeit silently, my presence betrayed perhaps by GoogleStats also :o), and it’s a joy to see her work. I too love this very natural, photojournalistic approach and what I especially appreciate with Mariana’s work is her ability to tell a story and portray the connection between, and to, her subjects. It’s refreshing also because this is a market that barely exists over here, for numerous reasons, not least the cultural and financial differences between Portugal and North America, and it makes me hope for bigger and better opportunities for those (like me) wishing to have images like this to forever cherish, or for others (a very old, and heartfelt dream of mine – one day perhaps…) to walk a similar path in creating such images for others to enjoy.

    Parabéns and congratulations Mariana, and thank you, thank you Wendy and Tory for spotlighting her work!

  • andrea says:

    i follow mariana’s work and it is absolutely beautiful in every detail. congrats and thanks LTKDT for sharing great portuguese phtographers.

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