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You know when you are nearing the end of a shoot and it’s going so well and there is the most beautiful light and you just don’t.want.it.to.stop. Lisa Holloway took it up a notch……after finishing up a shoot with her client. They found themeselves in front of an old abandoned house, Lisa’s daughter was there as well so they decided to play dress up (big girl dress up) with Lisa’s Grandmother’s old dresses.  She made these dresses herself, and they are over 70 years old; genuine vintage!  Danielle was wearing HER Grandmother’s necklace in the photos as well.

They are hauntingly beautiful.

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{In February Lens Baby introduced a new lens that Lisa was test driving during this shoot.
It’s a new optic called the Edge 80 that will work with any of their lens bodies
(Composer, Composer Pro, etc). It’s an 80mm f/2.8 flat field of focus
optic, with an internal 12 blade aperture system (aperture range is f/2.8
through f/22). You change aperture like you do with Sweet 35, by rotating
a dial on the front of the optic.  The optic itself will give you a tilt
photography look – that is, a slice of focus through your image. The
placement of the slice will depend on which direction you tilt, and the
aperture and the amount of tilt used will affect the size of the slice.}

And of course we know you want to know more about Lisa…..so here we go! And remember if there is anything you are DYING to know write us a note and we’ll make sure to find out for you!!

Why do you shoot?  What drives you?  What inspires you?
I shoot because I have a deep desire to let my artistic side out once in a while.  This gives me something that is mine alone, and doesn’t involve potty training, cooking dinner, or doing dishes.  Not that I don’t LOVE doing those things as well (ok, maybe not the dishes so much), but this is filling a gap that I had in my life.  I’m inspired by so many things…my children, nature, interesting colors and textures found in urban areas, the love a mother has for her child…

Which camera/lens are your favorites and why?
I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II and my go to lens is the 70-200mm 2.8L II.  I LOVE the pretty bokeh and tack sharp images it gives me!
Favorite place to shoot and why?
I have several favorite places and it just depends on the look and feel I’m trying to create on that particular day.  Some favorites are a grove of huge willow trees, a creek bed, a field of flowers, an old crumbling building downtown, a covered patio with amazing light…you can make amazing art almost anywhere and I LOVE finding new places to implement in my work.  One of my favorite pastimes (aside from shooting) is location scouting.  I really pride myself on finding unique and hidden spots to shoot in.

Any tips for shooting children?
Take your cues from the children you are shooting…are they shy?  Silly?  Outgoing?  Ask them lots of questions…what do they like about school, what is their favorite food, who is their best friend, what boy do they have a crush on (tween girls), etc.  Be genuinely interested in them and what they have to say!  Get down on their level…let your pride go and be silly if you need to be.  I’ve sang ridiculous songs and had my daughter (aka my assistant extraordinaire) stand right behind me and fill my hair with leaves and grass to get the giggles going.  Be creative and take your time…you will get great results!

Where do you look for creative inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere, but as cliché as it sounds, mostly within myself.

What personal work do you shoot?  Any ongoing projects?
I shoot my own 9 children quite often.  Every so often I’ll get the idea to do something a little bit crazy and those projects will generally involve my kids.  I took my daughter out in a vintage, strapless gown and shot her up in the mountains in the snow.  She was cold but the pictures were amazing!

Best piece of advice you could give to a new photographer?
Practice, practice, and practice some more!  Try not to compare yourself to everyone else out there.  This is your own personal journey.  Give yourself time to learn and create and watch your style unfold before your eyes.
Enjoy your holiday weekend all!!
I’m off to San Francisco for spring break and looking forward to some personal shooting!!
Tory + Wendy


  • Kristin says:

    These are stunning images! I love Lisa’s work.

  • Soussou says:

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