I am the worst at thinking back and wishing I had done things in a different way….no regrets….just hindsight if you will.

So when I read Catherine of CALIMA Portraits description of this family session I said to myself YES, YES, YES!

She said, “when I was getting ready to leave, I was sitting near the front door and packing up my camera bags… and they were all just kind of laying around on the couch, with Bob playing his guitar and the girls kind of lazily fawning over Miranda.  It was so cute, that I took an iphone photo… and then thought, “what am I thinking?!”  This is who they are!  They were so relaxed, and possibly a little tired from our shoot; but so perfectly in tune with each other and enjoying being together, that I of course had to load one more roll and catch those few fleeting moments.  And I have to say that those are my favorite of the whole set. That is what I live for–in my own life as well as in my photography–to see the fleeting moments that we want to remember but so often forget, and to hold them in my camera’s eye for just long enough to produce something that will last a lifetime.  A glimpse into the life of people, in love, and together.”

And what she got is AMAZING family moments that they will undoubtedly treasure forever.
Awesomeness Catherine!!!

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We also have the winners (yes that is plural!) from our HUGH SIMMS giveaway!! Hugh couldn’t choose so he picked TWO!!

Amelia Johnson
Kim Orlandini

Just email us at submit@letthekids.com and we’ll send you your Outlaw for your Outlaw AND a Richard Photo Lab Coupon!! Thank you so much Hugh for the great giveaway!! And if you didn’t win the Outlaw Tie you can still get 20% off of everything!!

Just enter victoria (all lowercase) at checkout!!

Have  a great day and make sure you come back tomorrow to see what we are up to!!
Tory + Wendy


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