Catherine Giroux: let’s go to the airport

As a photographer I TRY not to look at others work too too often…I find the more I look at it the more I start to get down on myself…..i guess it’s an artist thing, ones own’s worst critic…’s nearly impossible, because, well I run a blog for one thing LOL…where people submit their work and i have to constantly look at it!! With information and talent being thrown from at you from every angle….those little voices start talking in my head…..and after seeing this session they are screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GO THROW YOUR CAMERAS AWAY!” BUT…..I am going to turn that around and just be SUPER inspired.

I have NO IDEA what Catherine Giroux‘s website says because it is all in French but I am IN LOVE with her work…her contrasty and pure raw moments and light, HELLO!…..who needs words?! No need to speak.

About this particular session Catherine said “Amazing arm tattoo, planes flying just over our heads, pink converse, insane golden hour… can I really ask for more? This session was a pure gift and is one of my favorite… ever”.


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There are even more on her blog –> here.

Happy hump day all!
See you back here tomorrow!!!

Tory + Wendy


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