LET’S GET WET — Louise Glendon

Louise Glendon turned what could have been a disaster of a shoot into pure gold:

“I always like to go into my sessions to capture interactions between families, but with small children I try and have something up my sleeve to keep their little hands busy and to style the shoot around.  In this particular shoot though the little boy was not at all interested and instead he ran, ran, ran… generally in the direction of the closest body of water to throw himself in!  So my plans flew out the window and I was also running into the water.. and with all that crouching to get low, well, you know what else got wet!!

So this family of two was super lovely, and we had a lot of fun, and I am excited to share the images with you guys!  The location is Adelaide Australia, we are just heading into summer, and we have the most fantastic sunsets over the water on our beach.   They are usually pretty spectacular, but this evening was  especially gorgeous!   Silhouettes are definitely a love of mind, and I have a whole range, so maybe one day I’ll submit a silhouette post 🙂

This whole session was shot with an 85mm 1.8, and I kept it at 1.8 for the whole shoot. Probably not my smartest idea, but I do love shooting wide open!”

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