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We’ve been a bit enamored with Tim Coulson since he first wrote into us to show us his work!
And since I am a bit nosey and love hearing what other photographers do behind the scenes I asked Tim to share a bit about how he gets his subjects to be so comfortable in front of the camera. So that it appears that he is not even there at all.
Tim said, “When I first started shooting I thought it was all about distraction. I would talk and talk and talk. It worked to a degree but it was more of a deflection from the camera, which can relax some people.
I’ve learnt since then. The only way to help someone be themselves is to engage with them – not distract them.
When I shoot, I actively communicate with the person in front of me. I truly want to understand them through my interactions and observations. I ask real questions and listen to their answers, while we are shooting.
Everyone who books me has seen my blog, which means they know me. I blog about my wife, our growing family and our life. If I expect people to invite me into their lives and homes, I want them to understand me and mine.
When you care more about the person than you do about the picture, your subject will relax and show you who they really are. At least that’s what I’ve found anyway. Focus on the person in front of you and not the camera or your settings.
If you can’t get your settings right without giving it all of your focus, practice more. When flicking dials becomes second nature and you know where your exposure is without even thinking, you will be able to give your energy to your subject.
I’m not always trying to be a fly on the wall but if I am, I quietly sit or stand where I want to be and fire away.”
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