So what do you do when your family client (despite your best advice) comes all dressed up and matching?  You shoot them your way anyway and it all works out fine.  That’s what Mr. Jonathan Canlas did in this family sesssion.

“They just adopted their youngest boy so it was time for new family pics!
They live 5 houses down from us and are super traditional but even still, I feel I was able to shoot them MY way and still please them.
The first location we wanted to shoot at was closed down, so we headed to my friends’ old house where there is an orchard…so cliche’ but the light was unreal.
And the little diana mini was brought by my intern, Emily, who was shooting, but one of the kids grabbed it from her and started shooting herself.”

Because when you get right down to it, the clothes and details are not what matter.  It’s the people, the connection, and the creativity.  And here we go showing you that yet again:

How perfect is that?  Pretty perfect.  And as you may or may not know, Jonathan Canlas is the guy behind Film Is Not Dead workshops and the FIND Guide.  If you are even slightly interested in shooting film, you should consider buying the FIND Guide to Shooting Film. And we only say that, because this is a guide we stand behind and believe in.  Its pretty much the bible on shooting film in today’s world.


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