Oscar Trevino: let them be

I can’t think of a better way to start off 2012 than with an in love couple captured by the ever so creative, Oscar Trevino. Oscar’s work was in our list of Favorite 2011 Images and with good reason!!

His images are stand alone WOW images and when grouped together really give you a feeling of the day, the couple and the love that Oscar has for what he does!! We asked Oscar how he approaches sessions in order to make his subject feel so comfortable with each other in front of the camera.

Oscar said, “I think I make the experience very easy for the couples because I let them be as they are in a normal day… how they hug, how they kiss, how they smile, how they take hands, just pretending I´m not there with them at the time of the session. My directions are very little because what I want is to capture their real personality and not trying to idealize them with forced poses.”

Let them be.

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And with that we are off to an amazing 2012 start!! Keep those submissions coming in!! We can’t wait to see it!!

Tory + Wendy


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