Let the Kids Get Wet — Embellysh – Brisbane Family Photography

Nothing better than letting kids be kids.  And kids LOVE jumping in puddles as Katie Bennett from Embellysh Photography captured so beautifully.


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From Katie:

“We’ve been having some big storms here in Brisbane, Australia and there was one coming on the day I had planned the session with this family. It was looking like it was going to pass over midday so when I touched base with the parents, I warned them that it may be a little wet outside in the afternoon, to which they replied “no worries, I’m sure the kids would love to get wet!”.  Right then I knew it was game on, and they would be open to letting the kids have some fun during the session.  “Bring their wellington boots” I said!

This session was so relaxed and so fun, because the kids were allowed to be kids and enjoy in all the messy fun outside!  There was a nice big puddle along the path and the kids headed straight for it.  They were given the all clear to enjoy it, which they certainly did!  Sacrificing a white dress for the sake of these photo’s sure was worth it.”


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