Lexi Petree: let her go punk

Oh its a kick back Saturday. Well not so much. I have to go to a swim meet this morning and its over an hour drive away. Thats a very long way if you live on Maui.  But the plus side is I get 2 hours alone in the car with my teenager.  Thats a plus right?

Ha ha… anyway.. remembering that stage.. here is Lexi Petree with a couple shots of her cousin. I too was a punk as a teenager.. although in a more rebellious way than Lexi’s cousin. And I am NOT sharing the photos. 😉

“They were shot on my EOS 3 with Fuji400 film.
Kaitlin is into the steampunk way of dressing & it’s definitely quirky & fun! She even made the hat herself! I just wish I had been that creative with my style at her age.”

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