Such a touching story and a beautiful event captured by the amazing Natalie of natalie g. | photography. I'll let her tell the story.

“These are dear friends of ours- Mark, Sara, with sons Asher, Micah & Zepheniah. On Father's Day of 2010 made the decision to Adopt a little girl from Africa who needed a family to love, protect, serve and lead her. Nearly 1 year to the day later, they brought home beautiful 7month old Gabrielle. The whole family had left for Uganda in early Spring to navigate the orphanage, court and legal system. After 5 weeks Mark & the boys had to return home. Sara stayed behind and was in Uganda for a total of 8 weeks. The process of International adoption is a long, drawn out & stressful one. This day was one of celebration, relief, exhaustion, love, thanksgiving. Sara, Baby Gabrielle & Sara's Mom finally arrived home to Seattle from Uganda (via London), they were greeted at the airport by her 3 big brothers, Daddy, Grandpa (who was also adopted as an infant), and a slew of friends & family who eagerly followed their adoption journey and were ecstatic to meet the newest member of the Brinton Family.

Personally, Adoption has always been close to my heart as I too am adopted. It's absolutely beautiful to see families built through adoption. There are so many children who need and deserve loving, committed and permanent families. Sara told me that at the Orphanage, after the children finished their chores and had playtime, they would often build houses out of sheets and kitchens out of sticks, pretending to have mothers and fathers and homes. Even though most of these kids have no idea what that really is, there still is a deep, innate longing for the love of a family. Thankfully there are families who have that same deep desire to open their hearts and homes to children, regardless of race, age, circumstance, medical conditions or distance. Families of all kinds are beautiful.

On a technical note, most of these were all shot on Film. Contax 645 on Kodak Portra 400 Desaturated. There are also a few 35mm shots on Kodak Tri-X shot on my Cannonet QL 17GIII Rangefinder. Location is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.”


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That last shot on the left gives me chills – cannot imagine the relief that she was feeling there!!
Have a happy day!!



  • Carlee Avery says:

    A good friend just sent me this..as I sit in my little cottage with my new family of 6 in Zambia Africa, hours after receiving news that we are US approved to go home to Seattle Washington – in 3 days.. The mixed joy and fear are great – but the intense relief is so immense..
    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Erica says:

    Beautiful photos, and even more beautiful story and family — inside and out.

  • Brittany Gaydos says:

    Beautiful pictures and wonderful story! Natalie, you totally captured the essence of the moment.

  • Emily says:

    This is so beautiful! What a sweet little girl to handle all of the cameras and craziness so well. Perfectly photographed, Natalie!

  • Tiara says:

    Precious and beautiful! A friend of mine just went through this process and what an amazing way to capture all the emotion from such a remarkable day. Thanks you so much for sharing!

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