Exploring South Beach – Elaine Palladino

For a photographer, seeing the place you live in with fresh eyes can really be the key to daily inspiration. Personal work and exploration with my camera has helped me to develop my style, and I’ve heard the same thing from endless people in this industry. This set of images from Elaine Palladino clearly show her passion for life in Miami, for film, and for the world around her, and I love the vivid personality of each image!


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From Elaine: Weekdays on the beach are my favorite, when the beach is empty and you can people watch in Lincoln Road without the crazy crowds. As is typical with Miami, one minute it was raining and the next the sun was out. And in case you are wondering, Dale! means let’s go! in spanish!
Kodak Portra 800 and Ektar on Mamiya C220 and Pentax 67ii | Processed at The FIND Lab

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