BEST OF 2012 Family Photographers

Oh WOW.  I did not realize how much amazing photography we had featured this year until I tried to pick my very favorites.  It was such a hard job.

There was tons of great images that didn’t make this cut.. but it was an arbitrary and totally discretionary cut.  We featured so many great family photographers this year.

But here it is.. our very favorites from 2012 — in no particular order.

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and we are hoping to see even more incredible images in 2013 — so keep those submissions rolling on in.


Yan Photo

Wendy Laurel

Deb Schwedhelm

Kate T. Parker

Lexia Frank

Tara Whitney

Amy Grace

Jonathan Canlas

Tim Coulson

Abbie McFarland

Feather and Stone

Molly Hunter

Ozzy Garcia


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