a favorite shoot

a favorite family

i love this so very much I had to share.

and I already know it doesn’t have the details

or the things to buy or make

that other family blogs want.

so sharing it here.

maui. beach. love.

all you need.

NRlaurel000806-R1-076-36A NRlaurel000806-R1-044-20A-Edit story-1 maui family photography maui family photography wendy laurel maui family photography NRlaurel000806-R1-048-22A story-11 NRlaurel000806-R1-058-27A story-10 maui beach photography NRlaurel000806-R1-022-9A story-8 ironwoods beach photo NRlaurel000806-R4-037-17 story-6 NRlaurel000806-R4-029-13-Edit maui family photography NRlaurel000806-R1-016-6A NRlaurel000806-R1-008-2A story-3 wendy laurel wendy laurel photography NRlaurel000806-R1-066-31A story-5 maui family portraits NRlaurel000806-R4-063-30 NRlaurel000806-R4-055-26 NRlaurel000806-R4-041-19 NRlaurel000806-R4-025-11 NRlaurel000806-R4-075-36 kapalua family photography NRlaurel000806-R1-074-35A

shot on contax 645 with portra 160 + ektar
canon 1v with 24mm with ektar and 400h
ironwoods beach on maui – wendylaurel.com


don’t fret.. our normal tuesday post will be up tomorrow!!!!

giveaways continue and so does the serious radness of the images.

see you then,



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