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…Could it be any sweeter? Continuing this week’s sweet and pretty posts is Daniele Rose‘s family bed photo session. I love the blue/red color combination here and the family…

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photographer daniele rose's film holiday photo with girl in red polka dot dress

Happy Holidays: christmas card extravaganza

…marta locklear wendy laurel ( yan photo) carmy lee photography victoria oleary rachael grace sandra coan kelsea fehlen-simplee photography amber snow katiusca guzman carrie geddie nicole berry daniele rose

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maui photographer wendy laurel's image of joyful girl in plumeria tree

Compilation Post: girls on film

…– Kodak Porta 400. Hasselblad H1 Sara Hasstedt Cara Dee – Contax 645, Fuji 400h Arielle Doneson – 35mm fuji 400h Toni Raper Daniele Rose Amanda McKinley Amber Snow Sandra…

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Technique Thursday — Giving Back

…size requirements — 600 pixels wide with no watermarks. Please only submit 1 photo for the thursday posts. Thanks!!! Links in order from above: Annie Reardon Amanda McKinley Daniele Rose,…

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